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Экспонометры и флешметры
флешметр/экспонометр SEKONIC L-758D
флешметр/экспонометр SEKONIC L-758D
флешметр/экспонометр SEKONIC L-758D
флешметр/экспонометр SEKONIC L-758D
флешметр/экспонометр SEKONIC L-758D
флешметр/экспонометр SEKONIC L-758D
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флешметр/экспонометр SEKONIC L-758D

Флешметр SEKONIC L-758D

Состояние товара:


Технические характеристики:

1. Profiles the specific sensitivity levels of your camera's imaging sensor for exacting light readings.
2. Exposures accurate down to a tenth-of-a-stop in full-stop mode for both ambient and electronic flash light readings with a repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 EV. Meter can also display shutter-speeds and apertures in half or third-stop increments to mirror the exposure settings on your camera. Flash exposures can be recorded cumulatively or non-cumulatively.
3. Built-in 1-degree spot meter features an adjustable diopter (-2.5 to 1.0d), and is threaded for 30.5mm filters and/or lens hood (a tethered lens cap is included). Large red LED characters display exposure data within the viewfinder allowing for real-time exposure referencing while maintaining continuous eye contact with your subject.
4. The L-758DR's head swivels 270-degrees allowing you to 'walk the set' while maintaining constant visual contact with the meter's LCD display. Flash exposures can be taken with or without a tethered PC cord.
5. Up to 9 readings can be stored for meter averaging and contrast evaluations in aperture and shutter priority modes.
6. Mid-tone button allows you to shift the highlights or shadows to within the dynamic range of the profiled exposure reading. Warning flashes for out of range readings.
7. Incident readings of three-dimensional objects are taken using the Lumisphere, which can be retracted for selective, narrower-field readings such as contrast ratio for flash lighting or for flat-field objects such as artwork.
8. For mixed lighting scenarios, the Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster displays the combined exposure values of both flash and ambient light sources, including the percentage of flash in total exposure in 10-percent increments.
9. Dual ISO buttons allow for quick exposure referencing when working with two differing film speeds, film and Polaroids, or other shooting scenarios involving dual ISO ratings.
10. An indigo, backlit LCD screen with large text and icons allows for easy referencing when ambient light levels drop below EV 6.
11. For wireless metering including Selective Quad Triggering - the included Sekonic RT-32 Radio Transmitter Module will wirelessly trigger PocketWizard-enabled flash systems within a 100' range from a choice of 32 channels.

Комплект поставки:

Soft case / strap / CR123A Lithium battery

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